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Physical Therapy

The purpose of introducing this new concept into the Ellison John’s Rehabilitation Department is to enhance the Rehab service offerings provided to it’s residents. It is our belief that the current day rehabilitation needs of skilled nursing facility residents at times challenge SNF’s to think outside of the box to provide residents with as many real-life therapy experiences as possible to return residents back to the community.

Transferring in and out of a vehicle is one of the most common activities a discharging resident will perform after discharge from our SNF. While in a perfect scenario vehicle transfer training would be conducted with his or her own personal or loved ones vehicle, it is not always convenient to have this vehicle available on site to perform this transfer training.

We believe that offering this training within our Rehabilitation Gym allows convenience for residents to repeat this task numerous times before needing to actually transfer into their own or loved ones vehicle.

Survivor's Guide

The purpose of the Survivor’s Guide, is to motivate you to make plans for an orderly transition. Preparation will ease the burden on your loved ones.

Eventually, someone will have to handle your affairs without you, and this will give them an easy way to find and access vital details about your contacts, legal matters, health information, financial affairs, and day-to-day practical matters.

This document provides a convenient place to list what arrangements you have made, and is a place to record where valuable documents are kept. You will undoubtedly want to talk with an attorney, your life insurance agent, and other financial advisors to help assemble your affairs. This document in no way replaces a Will and/or Trust.

We hope this guide is a valuable tool for you.

Top 30 Nursing home in California

The Ellison John Transitional Care Center was named in the top 30 nursing homes in California by Newsweek.

Selecting the right nursing home for a family member has always been difficult and never more so than during the age of COVID-19. To try to make it easier, Newsweek has once again partnered with respected global data research firm Statista to create an annual ranking of America's Best Nursing Homes.